FarmOn! #MilkMoney is a program that provides financial and technical assistance to schools interested in procuring local milk for their lunchrooms through a FarmOn! Foundation partnership with Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy Farms.


Locally sourced award winning quality milk not only delivers better health to kids lunch trays, but is a catalyst for economic development to regional family farms. By contracting dairy direct to a school’s lunchroom and paying farmers a fair living wage in New York State for production, consumption is up 300%, farmers stay in business and kids drink better milk at school lunch.


FarmOn! provides grants to school districts interested in better milk in school lunchrooms. 100% high quality, locally sourced, antibiotic and growth hormone free, from happy cows raised with comfort and care.


Cow to Kid in 36-hours, our work begins with 5¢ per carton, per kid, per meal, per day in school cafeterias as we subsidize nutrient dense local milk so kids can focus on learning, not eating.


YOU can help support better school lunch with fresher food for smarter kids with Milk Money! Your tax-deductible donation is vital to support programs that FarmOn! Foundation has developed and successfully implemented. No donation is too small, we are grateful for any amount you can contribute. FarmOn! Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization + public charity.




To inquire how your school can be a part of the FarmOn! Milk Money program contact: tara@





      • Cow-to-Kid in 36 hours from milking to lunch tray
      • 12 school districts and 25,000 students drink healthy local milk for lunch
      • $5000 funds one school district with 2500 kids fresh local quality milk