Everything You Ever Need To Know, You Learn at the Farm!


Interns are at the heart of our mission. We welcome you to learn by doing and get your hands dirty. Empire Farm offer a range of opportunities for students and young adults who wish to intern at Empire Farm. Hours and focus vary. Please fill out the application below to apply to our program. We will contact you for an interview.


Learn about the business of food at Empire Farm. Foster Entrepreneurial ideas and Viable Livelihoods For Youth in Ag through project-based learning. We appreciate your interest in our work and look forward to speaking with you soon! All applicants must answer all of the questions. Failure to answer honestly will disqualify the applicant from service as an intern with our organization.


Each year, we welcome 10 aspiring entrepreneurs, students ages 15-19 and young farmers age 25+, who want hands-on training in the business of food to learn ecological farming practices focused on profitability and viable livelihoods in agriculture.


Training the next generation on a working farm is where FarmOn! Foundation will make a critical difference to reverse the trend of Agribusiness back to re-establishing economically and environmentally sustainable family farm operations and re-building robust local economies to preserve farming in America.


Young people are more and more aware of the importance of their food choices, which has reignited and interest in farming. In order to maintain that interest, these young entrepreneurs need to understand how they can make a living in agriculture and sustain profitability with hands-on experiences. That starts with our youth.