FarmOn! Accelerator


FarmOn! at Empire Farm curates an immersive applied learning experience for young people (age 21+) who have graduated high school or college and are seeking education by doing for learn to earn entrepreneurial or vocational opportunities that foster the entrepreneurial spirit in agriculture through a business lens. Our Ag-business incubator offers an apprenticeship for young adults or beginning farmers to learn real life skills (cooking, counting, conflict resolution, communication, business and budgets) by managing a NYC client to connect rural and urban market places in an authentic experience that aims to shift the paradigm toward better food for all.



Program Overview


FarmOn! Accelerator is awarded by scholarship. Applications accepted year round for three seasons:


February – April


May – August


September – November


The FarmOn! Accelerator at Empire Farm is an incubator for full immersion in-residence with a maximum 12-week program for young adults (age 21-28 who have graduated high school and/or college) interested in pursuing careers in agriculture and business, culinary arts, forestry, engineering, energy or the environment.


In partnership with the State University of New York SUNY and offering an applied learning opportunity contracted by NYC celebrated chefs, FarmOn! at Empire Farm is a one-of-its kind custom growing program where FarmOn! Accelerator scholars (gap-year, college kids, vocationally trained or interns/apprentices/young farmers) learn the business of food on an organic working farm. This program offers Scholars the opportunity to live in residence at on historic 220 acre Empire Farm and carry out the daily duties of farm life while running a business (sales, marketing, communications and finance) and overseeing the operation from farm-to-table commerce: Seeding, transplanting, harvesting, wash and mindfully packing, planning, projecting, producing, delivering, invoicing and balancing a ledger all while learning by doing. Scholars manage a client and write a business plan while overcoming daily challenges on our time and our dime.  Building conflict resolution skill sets and simulating day to day of running a business or managing a client chef/restaurant orders teaches real life skills to prepare the next generation for successful careers and viable livelihoods.



Scholarship Award


$12,000 per student for 32 students annually – 8 Scholars x 4 semesters (12 weeks maximum including room and board, food and culinary classes. At the end of this experience Scholars may receive 12 college internship credits (where applicable), a $cash$ scholarship (depending on farm stay) and recommendation and referral for work placement.