Donations FAQ


Our work would not be possible without your generous support. Your charitable contribution makes a difference and we go to great lengths to make sure it is secure and you receive the IRS tax-deductile documentation for your transaction. If you have questions that are not answered in the list below, please don’t hesitate inquire with us at the FarmOn! Foundation. Thank you kindly for your support.

Is my donation secure?

YES. The security and confidentiality of your information is our highest priority. We use industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information and provide a safe and secure environment for online donations.

Is my information secure?

YES. We will not sell, trade or share your personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations, and we will only share personal information if you have given us specific permission to do so.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

YES. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and public charity. We are a tax-exempt organization. Your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your email as the donation receipt for your official records. We’ll send it to you upon successful completion of your donation.

Do I get a receipt?

A charitable contribution letter will serve as your receipt for your donation. It will be sent to you at the email address you provide on this form. Please be sure to keep a copy of your receipt for tax purposes. If you select a recurring donation, you will be sent an individual receipt each month when your donation is processed.

I have a question, who can I call?

Call the FarmOn! Foundation at Empire Farm (518) 329-3276 or contact us via email: info@