Hudson Valley Wine: A History of Taste & Terroir
by Tessa Edick and Kathleen Willcox




Although it’s the birthplace of American wine, Hudson Valley vintages have yet to meet with the renown of those produced by the neighboring Finger Lakes and Long Island. In the 1600s, French Huguenots arrived in the area and used their French winemaking skills to found vineyards. Benmarl is cultivating astounding varietals from a vineyard that has continuously grown grapes since 1772. Recently launched cooperative winemaking organizations have made strides in the region, and scientists at Cornell University have worked to determine the tastiest varietals and hybrids that will flourish in the challenging Hudson Valley terroir. Hudson Valley wines are at last garnering critical acclaim in mainstream national publications and restaurants. Tessa Edick and Kathleen Willcox uncover the hundreds of years, unrelenting pride, determination and ingenuity behind Hudson Valley wines.


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