FarmOn! Hootenanny 2015


Through FarmOn! Initiative Milk Money

Over Six Figures Raised


Another year, another record-breaking haul to help young people find their place in the world of sustainable, ethical agriculture!


For our fifth annual Hootenanny — the second held at our new digs, Empire Farm — we were delighted to welcome chef Jonathan Wright of the world-famous Rainbow Room.  Located at the top of Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan, the Rainbow Room has played host to New York’s movers and shakers since 1934.


While we admit that Empire Farm is not at the top of a skyscraper (although it is in the Taconic mountains, for what it’s worth), we still wanted our guests to get a bit of that feeling.  So we had the folks from Rainbow Room bring a piece of that Manhattan icon up to us.  The decor was “farm-chic” — an art-deco soiree right here in the Hudson Valley.


We raised nearly $140,000!  Another year of expansion for Camp FarmOn!, for Milk Money, and for our other community outreach programs like the Victory Garden initiative.  We’re all about bridging the divide between the rural and urban economies, and what better