COVID-19 Strategy Statement

Statement: Due to the ongoing pandemic, FarmOn! is currently operating at reduced capacity.  Our priority is to protect and nurture rural communities nationwide, and our own is no exception.  We have therefore cancelled all planned events at Empire Farm indefinitely.  Visits to the property are by appointment only.

The work we do at FarmOn! necessarily brings us into close contact with the agricultural as well as the hospitality sectors.  Both have been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States.  We are keenly aware of the scope of this tragedy, and of our responsibility to help control the spread of the virus.  All facilities at Empire Farm are thoroughly sanitized several times a week.  Employees who leave the state for any reason are subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine, and those in residence at the farm are required to submit an itinerary in advance for approval before leaving the property for an extended period of time.  All state social distancing guidelines are met and closely enforced.


Integral to FarmOn!’s mission is providing independent farmers with the tools and resources they need to navigate and thrive in an increasingly complex modern world.  In the midst of an unprecedented global health crisis, the full economic ramifications of which remain to be seen, our work has never felt more urgent.

UPDATE: As of July 15, the community-supported agriculture (CSA) program at Empire Farm is fully operational.  Participants in the program may come to the farm Fridays and Saturdays for pickup.  In addition, the on-site farm store (stocking various local provisions from our regional partners) is open for business.  We respectfully ask that all guests wear a mask while on the property.