Activity Ideas

Carve Apples

Halloween is just around the corner and some of you may be picking pumpkins to carve. But for Big Apple Crunch, conveniently just 11 days before, why not practice your unique carving skills on apples? It’s a fun activity for adults and kids alike and will make those apples even more enticing to crunch into! Here’s a great slideshow of carved apples from Reader’s Digest,  and for more inspiration, just google apple carvings! Post your final products on social media and tag FarmOn! Foundation #BigAppleCrunch

Slide Show
Visit the Orchard

Apple picking season is here! Crunch with your whole family at 16 of the best orchards in New York. Many of them offer fun activities beyond apple picking, so it should be a great time for the entire family. While we’re at it, let’s all brush up on the proper way to pick an apple! Share your visit with us on social media! #BigAppleCrunch

Time Out Best 16 Orchards
Cook an Apple Recipe

Want to try your hand at an apple dish for the Big Apple Crunch? Here are 50+ healthy apple recipes – one for almost every day of October! Don’t forget to post your creation online! #FarmOn #BigAppleCrunch

Recipes More Recepies
Apple Games for Kids

From educational apple graphing to creative painting with apple slices to apple science experiments, apple sauce making with worksheets, these activities are sure to be memorable as you celebrate Big Apple Crunch with the little ones.

Apple Activities Apple Science Apple Experiments
Dress Up

If you want to go all out for Big Apple Crunch, why not don an apple costume? It will make your fellow crunchers even more enthusiastic! Best of all, you can wear it for Halloween too. We found these awesome apple costumes online:

Costume 1 Costume 2
Take Selfies – Enter to Win

Set up your very own photo booth. Paint a paper backdrop, make some signs, trot out the apples, and crunch in front of the camera. ENTER to win $1,000 for a Victory Garden at a school of you choice by posting your favorite apple photo or practice CRUNCH video NOW on social media with hashtag #BigAppleCrunch #BiteMe Most importantly, have fun!

Bob for Apples

For a little friendly competition (and crunching at the same time), host a Bobbing for Apples contest! Here are some tips to make the activity go smoothly, as well as some advice on how to bob like a pro even without water!


The more you know about apples, the more meaningful Big Apple Crunch will be, so why not organize a game show?